A little about the store that does more!

From our Therapeutic bath products to our environment saving upcycled collection, Creepsakers believes in giving back. Having mental health and waste production issues on the rise and little solutions in sight, we wanted to do something to help out. Viewing and creating Art is one way professionals reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. Our brains are wired to appreciate and respond to patterns, assigning emotions to art and decorative elements. The US generates the most municipal solid waste in the world. The average American family creates 6,570 pounds of trash per year, paper and plastic still being the largest contributors to the waste stream. So we started making bath products that contain therapeutic grade oils and a variety Art/decorative items containing at least 25% upcycled material. Our goal is to put a dent, whether big or small, on these issues one handicraft at a time.

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Our shops explained.

The Light Shop

Beautiful, cute, warm and fuzzy is what you’ll find when shopping here. The Light Shop offers a few beauty products, candles, d├ęcor & more.

The Dark Shop

Beware and enter if you dare. This shop contains all things creepy, tragic and rare. Our collections offer a variety of products with a bunch of horrific themes. Shop at your own risk.

The Green Shop

This is the place where hard earned money spent goes to a good and honest cause. Our Green Shop offers products containing at least 25% of upcycled material or where %10 of the profits get donated to the cause of the month or antiques/collectibles.

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