Rating: 4 out of 5.

A review about a “money saving” App.

If you’re like me with your love and impulsivity when it comes to shopping then you will also love Ibotta. Earning money back on literally everything you buy online and with groceries, also in store. You can link loyalty accounts to make scanning receipts way easier and you can shop certain retailers right through the app.

However; there are times when you have to contact support to get your offers because they don’t automatically come up. Ibotta’s support team is definitely fast and friendly though so that shouldn’t deter anyone too much. There is a potential to earn back well over $100 a month, I consistently make this back every month without fail.

Although Ibotta definitely weighs up I would put it in a danger zone and I’ll tell you why. I find myself spending hours searching and adding ceratin offers to my grocery list, things I wouldn’t even normally buy but because I can get it free or make money on it… It has become like a vortex, a black hole for shopping and it’s customers. If you choose to use it, use it wisely.

Click the link and use my refferal code to start off with $10 added to your account.


Refferal Code: ITPXWTD

Thanks for reading and happy bargaining!

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