A review of the roads these days.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

I don’t know if it’s just me or the state that I live in (Connecticut) but driving these days is absolutely insane. I feel like someone is literally standing on a street corner passing out licenses to every person that thinks they can drive or knows they can’t. We also have all those NONprofessional racecar drivers and the “I’m petrified to go the speed limit” drivers. The list goes on and on.

The most frequent issues I seem to have on the road, and the ones that drive me the craziest, are also the most simple, common sense based and basic rules of the road like merging. The process of merging is literally EVERY OTHER car. The car that goes first is the one that has the right of way and that ISN’T the car in the lane that’s ending! People seem to think that merging translates into “let’s all speed up, see who gets there the fastest and then slam on the brakes creating a chain reaction of brake slamming for no reason at all because even if you’re trying to merge properly the people that didn’t already f*cked it all up.

Another good one, I like to call ghost traffic, a single car or multiple cars that can’t do the speed limit but insist on being in the passing lane and absolutely refuse, at all cost, to move over. WHY? Why are you like that? You shouldn’t even be driving because you’re already going at least 5mph under the speed limit and you insist on being in the fast lane? This logic just blows my mind because I can’t even try to begin to understand it. Like yeah…

On the flipside of that though, you have the psychopaths. The ones that can’t seem to stay in a lane because they’re too busy dipping in and out of deadstop traffic. Like bro, where you going? Does your car have the ability to fly or something because there’s no way around deadstop traffic and you’re literally making it worse. The ones that you’re pretty certain you’re about to see again a mile or two down the road wrapped around a utility pole or worse, another car. Why you have to drive so fast though? I mean I am a speed demon myself, I won’t lie. I consistently drive at like 82/83mph on any given day. So if they are flying by me or trying to go around me, then they are being absolutely ridiculous.

So to all you A**hole drivers out there: when you go to get your license and you take that test, you know that test is on the rules and laws of the road, right? And if you have your license that means you passed that test and understand those exact laws and rules so why can’t you follow them? Or is it that you feel so entitled and special that you think you don’t have to? A little food for thought for you, that car you just cut off and almost caused to go off the road at 70mph plus had a family in it (kids, pregnant wife and all) so if you can sleep well at night knowing this than you truly are a piece of sh*t and no one actually likes you or thinks you’re cool.

I used to love driving. It used to relax me. As a teenager, my early 20’s I’d go for smoke rides with friends. I used to love randomly driving until I felt like stopping and seeing where I’d end up. I don’t do any of these things anymore and it’s not because I don’t enjoy them but it’s for two reasons. One being it’s just unsafe. I do have a family so that’s just a given and I’ve grown up, I have awareness. The other is anger. Driving isn’t enjoyable to me anymore because everything I see and experience on the road these days is just crazyness and chaos, stupidity and entitlement. It makes me sick with rage. Specifically road rage caused by other peoples lack of respect for other people and their lives.

If I had written this 10, even 5 years ago I would have said driving weighs up but in Today’s world it definitely falls as flat as a tire. Unless I’m going out of town, I started using public transportation and walking. I enjoy it and my stress/anger levels are not even 1/3 of what they were at a couple months ago.

Stay kind, stay real and thanks for reading.

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