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Love’s Ocean

A poem by: Danielle Secki

I planned on writing a post every Tuesday and Thursday with my subscriber content written and published on Saturdays. Things are not going as planned, they hardly ever do and that my friends is just how the cookie crumbles. Today, since I missed yesterday, I thought I would try something a little different. I’m still in the process of developing myself and my blog so why not?

Here is a poem I wrote…

A year spent sailing, riding waves,

in the love of the seven seas.

Navigating through deadly toxins,

searching for our remedies.

An ocean near, that we call home,

the Atlantic is where we met.

Sea glass, sunsets and collecting shells

to save the memories we may forget.

You are a giant wave in the sea,

I am the shore it is after.

Chasing my heart, day to day,

filling it with joy and laughter.

Making our way to the South Pacific,

for surfing and lots of fun.

But remember all those crazy nights,

we were loose and on the run?

Results laid over consequence,

for cleaning up our acts.

I stayed solid, you stayed crooked,

those are just the facts.

Now you’re gone forever,

body laid to rest.

I am here fighting on,

passing every test.

This was written for a former lover who passed away not too long ago because of drug addiction. If you know anyone that is struggling or you struggle yourself please feel free to reach out to me and we can try to get you connected to some local resources. Some other helpful resources:

Stay kind, stay real and thanks for reading.

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