I Have…

Another addition to Raw Thoughts.

So I am clearly in the process of learning and getting everything down with this blogging business. I think I finally have a solid plan that I will initiate next week which is Review of the Week Mondays and Raw Thought Thursdays… Subscriber content will still be published on Saturdays. Today though, because I am still working backwards is a raw thought kind of day.

Time is an odd thing to me. You never have enough of it or you have too much of it, there is never just the right amount of it. I believe it is a manmade thing because we struggle with the unknown and Mankind needed an answer as to when and why the sun comes up and goes down the way that it does. That answer then became TIME but how do we know it’s really a 24 hour period? What if they got it wrong? Just a thought. Or what if someone just randomly picked something they thought would be amusing…?

Time is a strange thing to me yet here is a poem I wrote that has a lot to do with times.

I have 24 years of pain to bare,

23 hours in thoughts of dispair,

22 years of things to lose,

21 options from decisions to choose,

20 years of intelligence on hand,

19 problems I’m wishing to ban,

18 memories that started to fade,

17 bad choices ever made,

16 years of feeling alone,

15 places I’ve called home,

14 incidents of playing along,

13 years of doing things wrong,

12 years of living in fear,

11 tributes that make me tear,

10 years of simply running away,

9 reasons why I’m willing to stay,

8 years of accomplishments achieved,

7 souls for which I grieved,

6 remembrances that make me grin,

5 years spent in a downward spin,

4 years now of holding up strong,

3 goals I can’t prolong,

2 years to change my mind,

1 regret to leave behind.

Until next time stay kind, stay real and thanks for reading,


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