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Protect Our Kids

A kick off to Raw thought Thursdays..

So my raw thought for the day came to me after reading an article in the newspaper about a school in my state (Plymouth, CT) where a teacher was a pedophile and there were other teachers and the superintendent that just didn’t report it even though they were aware of incidences. In this article, the pedophile has been arrested for molesting at least 5 children they know for fact but the town of NEW BRITAIN, CT has decided that it’s just a misdemeanor and the dude should only have to spend a year in jail and pay a fine or something. How f*cking sick this world has become to where we don’t do anything really to protect the children. The children, OUR CHILDREN, are the future for us, for this country, for the entire world yet every day I am reading about them being slaughtered, abused and literally nothing is really being done about it. People get slaps on the wrist for abuse and sexual abuse, they get the kids back and then the law seems to be dumbfounded when these people do it again or worse.

So let me put some things into perspective here, being a child that was sexually abused as a kid I am well aware of the damage that it does to you throughout your entire life, not just when it was happening. I mean at 8/9 years old I started cutting myself by the time I was 15 I had tried to commit suicide at least 4 times and by the time I reached my mid 20’s I was a full blown drug addicted. Yes, things eventually did get better, I healed some (not entirely) and I’ve been clean now for 4 going on 5 years. All great things but the road I had to travel down to get to where I am because there is no protection for children anymore was not awesome by any means. It’s disgusting and I am ashamed to be apart of a society that refuses to do anything about what is going on.

Another prospective is; people can’t seem to figure out why the world is so screwed up and out of control… Well when you have a hurt/damaged child (by abuse) what happens? They become angry and destructive teenagers who then grow into lost and confused adults. Those lost and confused adults are the ones that are running the world right now. They are the ones that are making decisions that affect us all. On the flipside of that I do also believe a lot of these traffickers and abusers are high ranking people that are also making a lot of decisions hence the lack of actually doing anything about it. I believe there needs to be a reckoning and that us parents need to stick together, stand up and fight harder for our kids, their future and our world’s future otherwise this place, the world, is a lost cause and that my friends is a truthfully scary thought.

I wrote this short poem when in addiction, but when I was reading it I thought that it’d be a great for this article in a metaphorical way…

These pints of vodka don’t write poetry

you can’t rearrange crushed pills into melodies

And although I’d like to think I can change

but these tracks run deep like blood through veins

My hands have been shaky, my mind stained

I can’t escape things imprinted on my soul.

So once again, pints of vodka don’t write poetry

and you can’t rearrange crushed pills into melodies.

I don’t know how to actually reach people and to get them to stand up but I hope by writing this that I can at least shed some light, reach a few people and we can start to come together to fight the good fight for a change. I can’t do it alone.

If you are someone struggling from abuse or with dealing with past abuse please feel free to reach out to me on my contact page. Below are a list of a couple resources that may help but if you are in danger please contact 911 immediately:

Until next time, stay real, stay kind and thanks for reading.

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