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The Change

I initially wanted to make a ton of money of writing blog posts, I thought “I enjoy writing and I see some people doing it.” It’s not as easy as I thought it would be coming up with topics to write a decent amount about. I can easily come up with a poem or a bunch of random thoughts but to actually organize and execute takes a lot of work. Its also a process of waiting and building a following. Getting people to actually want to read what you have to say and go out and try the things you’re recommending because that’s how you make your money…

These last few weeks I haven’t done so much blogging because I’ve been really focusing on my store (Creepsakers) and it’s launching. http://www.creepsakers.com I spent a lot of time thinking, planning and executing all the details. I’ve gotten with other business owners, heads of marketing, coaches and so many others so I can actually do this and grow. Before I get into the specifics of my store and the ideas that drive it, I want to say that I combined my blog into the store so I can do both. I won’t write as often and some of my posts will be about Creepsakers and its products.


So the idea behind my store is that its 3 shops in one. Not only is it unique in that sense but the variety of the shops makes it different from any other. The Green Shop contains the products that either have at least 25% upcycled material, or 10% of profits goes to a good cause, or you’ll find collectibles/antiques. The Dark Shop is for my fellow horror lovers and ghost hunters. You’ll find some great Creepsakes here! The Light Shop has beautiful and cute handmade items. We offer a few beauty products, candles, décor & more. Products are still being designed and added all the time but the shop is open and has some products listed.

Until next time, stay real & kind, stay safe,



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