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  • The Change

    The Change

    I initially wanted to make a ton of money of writing blog posts, I thought “I enjoy writing and I see some people doing it.” It’s not as easy as I thought it would be coming up with topics to write a decent amount about. I can easily come up with a poem or a […]

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  • Protect Our Kids

    Protect Our Kids

    A kick off to Raw thought Thursdays.. So my raw thought for the day came to me after reading an article in the newspaper about a school in my state (Plymouth, CT) where a teacher was a pedophile and there were other teachers and the superintendent that just didn’t report it even though they were […]

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  • I Have…

    I Have…

    Another addition to Raw Thoughts. A poem having to do with time.

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  • Love’s Ocean

    Love’s Ocean

    A poem by: Danielle Secki I planned on writing a post every Tuesday and Thursday with my subscriber content written and published on Saturdays. Things are not going as planned, they hardly ever do and that my friends is just how the cookie crumbles. Today, since I missed yesterday, I thought I would try something […]

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